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PIPER-FlexPepDock is a fragment-based protocol for high-resolution global peptide-protein docking.

Starting from a given receptor structure and a peptide sequence, it streamlines the Rosetta fragment picker for accurate peptide fragment ensemble generation, the PIPER docking algorithm for exhaustive fragment-receptor rigid-body docking, and Rosetta FlexPepDock for flexible full-atom refinement of PIPER docked models, to generate highly accurate structural models of a peptide-protein interaction.

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Max receptor length is 500 residues
Peptide length range is 4-15 residues
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Receptor flexibility provides better results for the cases where the receptor undergo significant structural rearragments during peptide binding but the job takes longer to finish
A sequence of H(for helix), E(extended) or C(coiled) and the same length as the peptide
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